Moving Back In! Woot!

Great news!  We are moving stuff back in at Founders!  Not quite ready to announce a reopen date, but we are moving stuff back in.  Everybody say, “YAY!”

Today the good folks from ServPro brought our stuff back from their restoration warehouse.

We have a few surviving tables up.  Thanks, Terry for helping with that!

The Nick Arnett Memorial Desk survived!  As did (ironically) our fire extinguishers.

Justin has wifi back up, and the big table even got sliders on its feet (we have some cool good hardwood floors to protect).

We’re getting there!  Stay tuned!

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I am a co-founder of Founders (, a coworking space and centers for creatives at 614 S. Harrison Street, Fort Wayne IN 46802. I am involved in other ventures that you can reach from my blog at My mission is to promote and grow the tech and arts startup communities in Fort Wayne, especially among young people.

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