Founders Re-Opening Friday 12-21!

It’s official!  Founders is re-opening!  In bold defiance of the foretold end of the world on 12-21, Founders will be opening as of the Vertical Leap entrepreneurs meetup at 7:00 p.m. that evening.

Tables and chairs are here.  Wifi is good to go.  Power strips are out.  Sounds like we’re ready.

The front room is ready to go …

The back room looks amazingly great with the wall torn down …

Ben’s table has been repurposed as a conference table, and it works incredibly well that way!  Ben, we hope you don’t mind that we cut the legs a bit to bring it down to sitting height.

There is more to be done, but the basic stuff that people need in order to work is here.  We have yet to install new whiteboards, outfit the lounge with couches and seating, and add other tweaks, but ….


Please come visit!

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I am a co-founder of Founders (, a coworking space and centers for creatives at 614 S. Harrison Street, Fort Wayne IN 46802. I am involved in other ventures that you can reach from my blog at My mission is to promote and grow the tech and arts startup communities in Fort Wayne, especially among young people.

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