Founders is Open Again

It’s good to be back!

As of the Vertical Leap entrepreneur meetup last night, Founders is officially OPEN once again.  About 30 people joined us as we formally opened our doors after two months downtime due to the fire.

IMG_4900IMG_4895 IMG_4887

In the true spirit of what Founders is here to do – provide a space where people can BUILD THINGS – we noticed that Terry stayed in the front room and cranked on some work while the meetup was going on.  Terry, we missed you at the meetup, but we’ve gotta say we absolutely admire your choosing that shipping product comes first!

Opening Night – Vertical Leap

Vertical Leap featured two great presentations (and some excellent micropitches).

Robert Hostetler, Josh Smith, and Steve Batzka talked about how they got the private beta of up so quickly.  Ray Angel introduced us to a brand new investment fund, Lion Fund.

For a detailed account and photo gallery, go to the Vertical Leap site.

Big Thanks

As we bring things back together here and start back to work, it is time to recognize the people who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign to rebuild Founders.  You rock. Here is a bit of what you have helped us accomplish so far.

IMG_4902 IMG_4903 IMG_4904

  1. We have 26 new tables and chairs.  We actually have more table space now, since the back room wall was torn out to create one ginormous room.  It is now an even better space for a meetup.
  2. The front room hardwood floor was the only original floor saved.  It was sanded, refinished, and looks absolutely beautiful.
  3. All of the other floors were replaced with a beautiful hardwood or a tile.
  4. When trying to figure out what to do with Ben’s huge workbench table in order to make room in the back room, someone hit on the idea of cutting it down from a standing table to a sitting table – because it would make a great conference table (which it does).
  5. The big barn-like double door in the back room (the one that the firemen kicked in) has been replaced with a standard size, modern door.
  6. No couches or chairs yet in the lounge, but the refrigerator was delivered yesterday.
  7. Only one whiteboard is back up, but the windows in the front rooms are outfitted with dry erase markers.

Old Beginnings, New Beginnings

We’ve enjoyed how, as we were moving things back in, a few of you noticed and couldn’t wait for an official opening before you dropped in to get some work done.  It has been very cool to see you show up, grab one of the few seats before we even had new tables here, put your head down, and start to work – shipping product.  Seeing the few available tables fill up again reminded us of the “old days” (if you can call last August “old”), when our first few tables were filled almost immediately, prompting the need for a couple of table-acquiring road trips.  People building stuff!  That’s why we started Founders in the first place!

So, we invite you all to join us in this toast …

“Here’s to the old days!  Here’s to the new beginning!  Here’s to you all!”

- Ray, Ryan, and Steve

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